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April 26, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero conference 2017

My favourite new function would have to be Xero Projects. It’s a great tool that our clients can implement into their businesses to track the true value of a job by directly adding in invoices, timesheets, budgets and other components. There are many solutions to reducing and eliminating waste and these will vary in each instance, across various businesses, industries and time.

xero conference 2017

Congress Rental technicians also cable-tied all 4,000 receivers to each seat to ensure that there would be no headphone losses. XeroCon 2017 drew crowds from all over Australia as it showcased the latest innovations in Xero’s accounting technology at MCEC in Melbourne. Congress Rental installed four concurrent silent theatres using their Silent Conference System to provide a fun and creative way to showcase Xero’s innovations for the conference. PayPal PayPal is a financial service company that provides online payment solutions to its users worldwide. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest tips on running your business more efficiently. “People are the next frontier where we can drive real change and reshape the accounting industry.” CIS functionality – If you’re working in the building or construction sector, you’ll know what a pain the Construction Industry Scheme can be.

Receipt Bank Receipt Bank is a paperless bookkeeping platform connecting accountants, bookkeepers, and businesses. I came away from Xerocon feeling with a renewed insight into how cloud software and AI will shape the future of accounting and small business finance. The new improvements and update announcement came thick and fast over the duration of Xerocon, with further tweaks to Xero Payroll, Xero HQ and other developments coming over the next 12 months. But it’s clear that Xero are putting plenty of effort into affirming their position as the accounting platform of choice for UK small businesses and their trusted advisers. Magic was a theme that ran throughout the event, but it wasn’t just the host who had a few magical tricks up his sleeve.

Xerocon: Not Your Average Conference

Have each letter be the word to a favourite song or phrase YWAOMM (can you pick the Elvis song?) and break it up with characters and numbers. Nigerian scam emails, which many of us have received, yet these are still about and evolving. These scammers have targeted Xero, but have failed to understand that Xero is a cloud accounting system – the scammers mistakenly believe that Xero is a bank. Oftentimes, banks, government, healthcare, councils and big business are the targets, making up these huge numbers and also attracting media attention. Could your business afford to write a cheque for $6,600 and receive nothing in return? Not many could, but that is the cost of cybercrime on average to every small business, depending on where you are based this figure could be more. Xerocon 2017 taught me so many things and most of all it reminded me to have fun in my business and help me help my Tradies have fun in their business.

Whether you joined us at Xerocon in London or kept up from afar, it’s time to recap on some of the highlights and make a plan for what’s next. Let’s begin with insights from two Xero leaders – Steve Vamos and Gary Turner. Ultimately, if Xero wants to increase its revenue and profit, it will need to ‘go more enterprise’ as Jason Lemkin likes to advise startups. Without forcing a price increase on any of its customers, Xero could could start offering this higher tier of features at a new Enterprise plan. Xero does not exist in isolation — it is part of the accounting landscape. But what makes Xero uniquely positioned to increase subscription revenue is how barren the SaaS Accounting landscape is for mid-market companies. Xero has been unimaginative when it comes to increasing subscription costs.

xero conference 2017

My primary goal when I started my business was that it could run without me and this trip confirmed I am certainly on my way to reaching that goal. Xero announced that they will be adding Microsoft’s MileIQ to their app marketplace, offering a more simplified expense reporting process and mileage deduction process for freelance Workers.

Accelerate Subscriber Growth

Add your email to get our FREE business plan template and 7 day business planning course. Xerocon provided us with an in-depth look at how different companies automatically incorporate with Xero, making life easier for both advisers and clients. During the breakout sessions some phenomenal individuals shared their life experiences and gave us great insight into their experiences in the accounting industry.

Sometimes those goals move and we may not have considered this ourselves, or, communicated it to the team. Thus we are left with processes, products and services that are not helping us achieve our goals.

Accounting Software To Do Your To

Xero incorporates live social media feeds into their epic conferences with a Strea.ma display – and they go LARGE, making sure it’s an eye-catching feature. “Xero” and “Beautiful business” are trademarks of Xero Limited. Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. Work flexibly and keep track of your business with the Xero mobile app.

Thursday night was topped off with a Block Party which gave us more time to speak to the new connections we have met as well as chat to theXeroteam and in many cases some of the Add-on teams also. Over the coming weeks, I will be writing a blog on each of the major enhancements and how this will help Tradies in their business. There are so many enhancements that I couldn’t possibly do them all justice in one blog. There were some excellent sessions onXeroand what is coming with regards to enhancements to the product. Again, enhancements that make small business owners lives easier and of course, Tradies too. Tim Leberecht followed Rod’s keynote with a keynote on ‘How to run a beautiful business in the age of machines’. What I thought would be a keynote which wasn’t really my style, I listened intently and learned to look at the business with a perspective I never really thought was possible.

  • Small businesses have an advantage here, they have a smaller number of creditors to manage.
  • These scammers have targeted Xero, but have failed to understand that Xero is a cloud accounting system – the scammers mistakenly believe that Xero is a bank.
  • But it’s clear that Xero are putting plenty of effort into affirming their position as the accounting platform of choice for UK small businesses and their trusted advisers.
  • One of the many things I love about Xero is that they invite the Add-ons to attend the conference as well which means we can chat to them specifically about what our clients need.

I believe if you back yourself, you’ll be right 90% of the time. Company awards are one way of communicating that people doing a good job. But it people should be empowered around a set of values, they’ll tend to know themselves whether they’re doing a good job. Keep your practice a step ahead with Xero accounting software.

Sometimes we may have achieved our initial goal, so it’s time to move on to the next one. Small businesses have an advantage here, they have a smaller number of creditors to manage. Australian Crime Commission believes that figure is closer to $1 billion. Of this, small businesses in Australia are hit $6,600 per annum on average.

We’re an ambitious accountancy firm working with clients in Bristol, Bath and the wider South West. Smarter coding – As we blogged about last month, Xero is now using AI and machine learning to predict and automate the coding of your bookkeeping transactions. By learning from previous invoices, the software can now achieve a 90% hit rate in filling out your account codes for you – saving you a huge amount of time over manual entry. “We’re at the forefront of a completely different kind of tech revolution, supporting vibrant small businesses.” If you’ve never been to a Xero event before, then you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d wandered into the wrong conference on arriving at the London Excel for Xerocon. So as the time came around for Xerocon London 2017, we thought we’d best send Steve Ash, our roving content manager, along to find out what’s new in the world of Xero.

Flatlining subscriber growth wouldn’t be so bad if Xero could steadily increase subscriber revenue. But Xero’s average revenue per customer has been almost entirely flat. If the global trends mirror the market saturation and slowing growth of the New Zealand market, then Xero’s global growth will likely follow their experience in New Zealand three years prior . My best guess is to look at New Zealand, Xero’s home country and also where it entered the market first. But if we look at the growth rate from those numbers, it’s a very different story. Xero’s primary competitor, QuickBooks Online, has twice as many subscribers as Xero, and just announced accelerating growth, increasing from 49% to 59%.

Xero is beta trialling a new CIS update deal that will quickly calculate all the related tax deductions, taking a great deal of time and admin out of administrating the CIS for contractors and subcontractors. Matthew Sayed, journalist and adviser, challenged our conceptions around the growth mindset and shared some key ideas from his new book, Black Box Thinking. “We had a great experience using Strea.ma and will definitely use it again at our next event. Strea.ma hit everything on our objective list, gave us immense control in term of branding and look for a great price, was super simple to set up and helped amplify our event. On the first day, their hashtag #Xerocon was used 5,220 times across 6,103 posts, with around a third of that activity in a single day. They were trending on Twitter and creating envy across Australia and NZ for every accountant that wasn’t able to attend (and frankly, most of our office!).

“Xerocon gives us the opportunity to stop and ask questions of the solutions servicing the accounting industry that translates to immediate value. “We’re breaking free from the concept of being ‘traditional accountants’, so Xerocon matters a lot to us,” he explains. “It helps us not only from a CPD perspective and boosting our sales channels, but because we hear all the new ideas firsthand as well. Perhaps one of the things that defines Xerocon is its sense of fun, which can come as a surprise to others says Edward Sanford, Managing Director at UK-based accounting firm Chaddesley Sanford. We pride ourselves on having the world’s most beautiful and innovative conferences, but don’t just take our word for it (especially as I’m new to Xero!), instead hear what our partners love about Xerocon. No Xercon would be complete without a massive blow out party. Wednesday’s evening event saw just that, with start-ups, Xero-tians (Xero-ers?) and Accountants getting seriously into all that is Xero.