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Editing And Deleting Invoices And Bills In Xero

April 6, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to change heading on xero invoice

Sometimes we wait a few days to complete an invoice and so the invoice date in Unleashed and Xero do not match up. “Xero” and “Beautiful business” are trademarks of Xero Limited. Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. Give customers an extra nudge and take the work out of chasing payments. You’ll receive an email shortly with the ebook link. Everything you need to know about invoicing in one handy printable guide. If it’s fast and simple to make an invoice, you won’t be so tempted to put it off.

Invoice for all the items in your quote or just choose some of them. See the status of all your pending and paid invoices, as well as the total amount owing to you. View or edit any invoice, enter payments received, and follow up on any payments that are due.

Love Accountancy is an accountancy firm of the future, based in the heart of Devon. Surrounded by a diverse and vibrant local economy, we understand that business is changing. We believe that by catering to this new generation of businesses we can all help build a more sustainable future. Along with the pdf print out looking different to the Preview of an invoice – both options need to be fixed quickly as it’s the only amateur coding that needs attention. Seems silly to have such a small logo when there is clearly space for a larger one and yeah, creating a docx is just an unnecessary hassle. I’m new to Xero, but I do have problems with generating an invoice. I have a feature request that would address it – but it only has 2 votes .

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Be polite but act quickly if you don’t want bad habits to form. You might be able to speed up the payment process by quoting a purchase order number, for example. Ask your customer’s accounts payable department how they’d like you to set out the email title. It’s common to send invoices when orders have been filled, or tasks are completed.

how to change heading on xero invoice

Explain when you’ll be invoicing before you start doing business with a customer. If you don’t have an agreement in place, at least tell them when an invoice is about to be raised. You can give yourself a head start by setting up templates for specific types of jobs, or certain customers – with a lot of the details already filled out. If you’re GST registered, include that number too. In this tutorial, learn how to add bank details to your invoices in Xero. Hi, yes I was aware of the fact that I can change the contact file but the issue is the contact details on the invoice won’t change to the new details. Generally speaking, repeating invoices suit recurring revenue that stays the same.

Just as you discuss pricing before reaching a deal, you should also chat about billing. Create an invoice from a quote when you’re ready to charge your customer – without entering the information again.

Get the invoice approved if you need to before you send it. Check and make any changes to the payment terms that apply to this customer or this job. Fill out the customer name, address, reference and/or order number.

The most important part of your invoice email is the subject line. The customer may pay faster if you give them a reference like the purchase order number. You can ask your customer’s accounts payable department what they like to see as the email subject. You can create an invoice online and send your customer a secure link to it.

It’ll be harder for them to do that if you send an online invoice, or PDF invoice. Xero’s standard document templates provide options for customization. However, business needs may require additional layouts or details which are not available through the standard templates. In this article, we look at examples of situations in which custom document templates may be used, as well as how to work with them. Set up templates for invoices you send often, or create a new invoice by replicating an existing one. You can copy the last invoice you sent a customer and just update the parts that need changing. After you’ve been in business for a while, and you’ve got your invoice formats straightened out, you’ll want to speed things up.

And if you’re billing monthly for regular work, consider using software to automatically send your invoices so you don’t have to worry about forgetting. Easily transfer all your invoices from another accounting system into Xero invoicing software. Import as little or as much info from each invoice as you want using a standard CSV layout. Use repeating invoice templates for invoices you send regularly. Review and approve each recurring invoice, or have Xero send them automatically.

Change Font In Invoices

This doesn’t seem correct and creates a lot of useless data entry if I have to re-do an invoice just to change this. Might be worth contacting our Support team for a touch of help with this one, Mike.

Finish with clear instructions on when and how to pay. You can get more in our guide on how to make an invoice. Speaking of tables, in order for tables to render appropriately it is important to not remove the TableStart and TableEnd fields. If these are removed it will not properly display the information you wish to show in the table on the document. The invoice date in Xero is set to the completed date by default as that helps keep the two systems in sync and a lot easier to reconcile. I am having problems with the invoice dates from Unleashed not pushing through to Xero. Xero is taking the invoice data as the date the invoice was completed rather than the date on the invoice in Unleashed.

Use the Xero mobile app to create and send invoices from your phone or tablet. Let customers pay you straight away from online invoices using third-party payment services. Some businesses invoice every week or every two weeks. But the truth is, it’s best to send your invoice as soon as the work is done. The secret to a great invoice is having a great template to start with.

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If you’re working on a big project, you might send interim invoices for the work done to date. And if you’ve sold a subscription, or you’re on a retainer, you’ll send a recurring invoice at regular intervals. If you are comfortable with this then the setting can be found under Settings | Company and is called the “Xero Date Field”. If you change that to be the order date then that should be used going forward. You can also combine multiple invoices into a single PDF and attach it to an email.

how to change heading on xero invoice

Instead of me being able to change their contact file and have it updated across their invoices it doesn’t change the previously created or waiting on payment invoices. They still have the old business or contact name. Alternatively, you could experiment using the quote feature. This allows the customer to accept the “quote” online, you then have to click a button to generate the invoice which can now be sent with a Pay Now link.

Discuss Invoicing Before Doing Business

Mail can still be best for customers that overlook emailed invoices, or don’t use email at all. But compared to other methods, mail is slow, less secure, and harder to get right .

  • If you’re creating your invoices in a Word document or spreadsheet, save it as a PDF before sending.
  • Invoice for all the items in your quote or just choose some of them.
  • If you provided a quote, use the same language in your invoice so the customer can see you’re delivering on your promise.
  • Or, if you do odd jobs, send invoices as soon as the work’s done.
  • Surrounded by a diverse and vibrant local economy, we understand that business is changing.

Would love to be able to rectify this quickly for my client. This is why I have to remove the invoice and create another with the new details so I can re-issue the invoice. I am a Xero Certified Advisor and Xero’s award winning Most Valuable Professional.

Use An Invoice Template

You don’t need an elaborate message in the body of the email. The invoice itself contains everything else the customer needs to know. If you’re working on a big project, you might send interim invoices every two to four weeks. And if you sell subscriptions or memberships, or you’re on a retainer, you can send a recurring invoice at regular intervals. Now you know how to send an invoice, but what if it goes past due? Almost half do, which means you’ll need to prompt your customer.

A little cumbersome, but maybe no more so than using draft invoices. You can change the heading on the quote to “Pro forma invoice” in the branding theme, but the acceptance portal will still call it a quote unfortunately. You’d normally send a short email message with your invoice.

Tell them when the money is due and how they can get it to you. Include links for credit card payment, for example, or account details for bank transfers. If your customer has given you a reference or purchase order number, include it. This will increase your chance of being paid promptly. Most people want to see the cost before anything else so bold it.

Learn how to make an invoice the simple way, with software. Always provide a description of the goods or services supplied so the customer knows what they’re paying for. If you provided a quote, use the same language in your invoice so the customer can see you’re delivering on your promise. A clear, well laid-out invoice is your first step to getting paid, but there’s much more to do. Check out our other invoicing guides to help you get what you’re owed. Limit your invoice to a single page, if you can. It’ll be easier for your customer’s office staff to process.

When we enter a customer, they often give us their own name, then ask later for the invoice to be billed to their business name. This was a simple process in our bookkeeping software, but it isn’t in Xero. I have just had one of the techs send me a message about yet another customer who has been invoiced and has paid, but would like to have the invoice in her business name. It should be simpler than having to remove and redo. Sometimes a business name might have been entered incorrectly by my sales people or we find we have to bill a different entity.

Sending clear and complete invoices ensures you look professional, and helps you get paid on time. Here are the dos and don’ts of invoice formatting. Hi Trent, you can upload larger logos up to 1MB, and Xero will scale it to the 400×120 image on the standard invoice. Keep in mind, DOCX invoices are designed for more customisation. Hi Zane, it is definitely not necessary to void the invoice and start again. You can simply edit the invoice and select the new contact name, then approve.

I support small businesses in NZ with professional accounting services and offer paid Xero support and implementation advice to clients all over the globe. I’m an NZ and Canadian Chartered Accountant, business advisor and add-on Developer. You do not have to void the invoice – you should simply be able to edit the invoice and re-select the name. If you don’t edit the invoice name it will still show up in statements for the contact, even though the statement name has been changed. To your question, in Xero, we need a Unit Price, and Quantity in order to create a journal, but you can customise what your customer sees using Docx. I see you’ve started using this, but you may have to have a play around with it to get the template you need. You have a lot of freedom with Docx, so can do a lot more than just get rid of column.

Make sure you’ve applied any discounts and added tax, if you’re GST registered. Put costs against each item so customers can see how the bill breaks down.